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Now you can own your very own The News Room T-Shirt. Available for both Men and Women.

Choose from 14 different tagline options to be printed under our logo and on the back.

T-Shirt Option 1:
FRONT: Father and Son Attack First Base Coach
BACK: We're all about Family in Chicago

T-Shirt Option 2:
FRONT:Mike Tice Fired Immediately After Last Game
BACK: Ticket Scalpers Suffer Big Blow in Minneapolis

T-Shirt Option 3:
FRONT: Conceal and Carry Passes in Minnesota
BACK: Minnesota Nice or Else

T-Shirt Option 4:
FRONT: Beautiful Nicollet Mall
BACK: Also Known as World's Largest Bus Stop

T-Shirt Option 5:
FRONT:Woman Falls Overboard in Lake Minnetonka at Night
BACK: Rescued by Stray Blow-Up Doll

T-Shirt Option 6:
FRONT: Minnesota Land of 10,000 Lakes
BACK: And 10 Slot Fish Bon Appetit

T-Shirt Option 7:
FRONT: Billy Jean King Defeats Bobby Riggs
BACK: And We're Still Paying For It

T-Shirt Option 8:
FRONT: Martha Stewart "Living"
BACK: Behind Bars

T-Shirt Option 9:
FRONT: Pete Rose Seeks Reinstatement
BACK: Don't Bet On It Pete

T-Shirt Option 10:

FRONT: Government take over by Wrestlers and Comedians
BACK: Nothing new in Minnesota

T-Shirt Option 11:
FRONT: Guantanamo Bay to close
BACK: Economy so bad even the Terrorists are losing there homes

T-Shirt Option 12:
FRONT: Franken wins recount
BACK: I'm Smart enough, I'm good enough, and Gosh Farn it, people like me

T-Shirt Option 13:
FRONT:Vick looks to return to football
BACK: Vows to fight like a dog and take a bite out of the competition

T-Shirt Option 14:
FRONT: Favre dines at local restaurant
BACK: I'll have the strak...No, Chicken...No Streak...No, Chicken...No,

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